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Every one , man and woman who travels in the world- knows that there’s some where at the country they are travelling a place that gives them a location for a few hours to rest or make there sex business, in israel a place like that is called ROOMS BY HOUR.

Rooms by hours in israel are staying all over the country from north of israel to the south. i guess that most of the tourists that are landed in tel aviv will look for those rooms in the closest area of the airport that mean in Tel-aviv. tel aviv is full with those rooms so if you are a tourists and you are looking for a cheap place to stay you should choosing Room by hour. if you are looking for a bed and breakfast (b&b) you can check one of the rooms that are displayed in discreetrooms website.

if you are attending to visit in northen israel so you should know the expression: “zimmer”. zimmer it’s a luxury wooden cabin that give to families and couples in israel a place to make there annual vacation. the zimmers are fit to tourists that came to the north of israel to live the area and its silence…

so if you really want to come to visit israel you don’t need to stay in hotels, you can save a lot of money if you choose rooms by hours. you should pick your room, call and make a reservation. that simple!

for more information please call to +972-72-3901190


Start from 20$
  • Luxury

  • Hot-Tub

  • T.V

  • Wifi

  • King size bed

  • More surprises!!!

*Not in all the rooms and tzimmers, please check before the reservation

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